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Addison is a CLT limited equity housing cooperative, and has a share available for purchase for a one-bedroom unit The application, selection, and buy-in process is handled directly by ADDISON COURT. Please see their website at Addison Court -

* ONLINE INQUIRY OPENS - 9:00am, Weds, June 20
* The form for Inquires will close when we have received an adequate number of Inquiries * June 24th Invitations to Apply sent.
* deadline for completed Applications: July 7
* Interviews expected to take place the week of: Aug 4
* Selection Date: Aug 11
* Opening Available Sep 1, 2018

Additional information is available at addison court -

DESCRIPTION: Addison Court Housing Cooperative is a 10-unit limited equity cooperative in West Berkeley, self-governed as non-profit corporation. All members together serve on the governing Board.

They are seeking a new member (or member household) with a demonstrated background in or aptitude for community living, management, and facilitation. People who can demonstrate active contribution to landscaping, building maintenance, bookkeeping, note taking, meeting facilitation, conflict management, community building, organizational governance, and the history and ideals of the cooperative movement, are a plus. Quiet, courteous, hardworking, kind people with a sense of humor are a must. The walls are thin, and we live and work closely together to maintain our shared home.

Units are one-bedroom apartments, 520 sq. ft., ground floor, with private front and back entrances, full bath and kitchen, hardwood floors, small private gardens and storage sheds, communal backyard. One unit will become available on or about September 1st, 2018.

INCOME LIMITS: Our financial eligibility requirements are listed below.
Household of 1 - Maximum income for one person is $62,750
Household of 2 - Maximum income for two people is $71,700
Household of 3 - Maximum income for three people is $80,650

If you are eligible and interested, please submit your name and information using their online form form at 9:00am on Wednesday, June 20. please do not delay if you intend to inquire

Monthly carrying charges are $620/month.

Studio available at Casa Buenos Amigos, a charming fourplex in South Berkeley.

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