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What is a community land trust?

A Community Land Trust (CLT) provides affordable housing and facilities for low-income residents and community benefit. CLT residents are renters, coop members and homeowners. CLT homeowners and cooperatives own their homes, but lease the land underneath it from the CLT. The land lease contains restrictions on future sale prices, ensuring affordability for future generations.

Affordable Housing and Community Facilities

NCLT sells affordable condominiums and single family homes; leases offices and homes to non-profit organizations, cooperatives and co-housing communities; and rents affordable apartments to low-, very-low and extremely low income households.

CLT Consultation
and Training

NCLT’s consultation and training services include assisting potential new and existing housing organizations such as tenant-initiated co-ops, emerging CLTs, and other groups wanting to create or expand permanently affordable housing & community facilities.

CLT Policy Advocacy

NCLT helps to expand the CLT movement and permanently affordable, community-controlled housing by creating and participating in local, state and national CLT networks and like-minded coalitions. Through these networks and coalitions, NCLT works to organize and educate in order to influence public policy.
NCLT Snapshot:

Rental Units - 73

CLT Homes - 39

Keeping prices low enables people to save more and worry less. Our land trust model helps this become a reality. Lowering the barrier to home ownership is the heart of what we do.

NCLT Snapshot:

Subsidies in CLT Units


Market Value of Subsidies


NCLT also works with many philanthropic organizations that understand the benefits of affordable housing. Thanks to their donations, subsidies are another crucial part of fulfilling our goals.

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