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Woolsey Gardens

NCLT was awarded $1 million by the California Energy Commission to redevelop its office building at Woolsey and Shattuck in South Berkeley. Woolsey Gardens aims to serve as a replicable, sustainable, and financeable model for mixed-use developments that (1) benefits extremely low- to low-income households and (2) are sited on smaller lots located near major transportation hubs.  Key project features include the following:
  • 100% Permanently Affordable, targeting extremely low- to low-income households;
  • 100% Ownership, offering up to 26 limited equity cooperative housing and up to 40 limited equity housing condominiums;
  • Sustainable / Zero Net Energy, featuring 100% renewable energy generation, mass timber + cross laminated timber (CLT) construction, extended grid outage resilience;
  • Community Service + Spaces, including ground floor community + office spaces for existing community tenants, a publicly accessible green rooftop with community open space, and rentable micro workshop spaces for local entrepreneurs; and
  • Small Parcel, Infill Development, providing an alternative, replicable, financeable, and sustainable solution to urban renewal projects that have destroyed neighborhood through parcel aggregation.
  • Community and Technical Advisors, providing community and technical expertise to ensure the development and community partnerships elevate equity and sustainability goals.