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Rental and Security Deposit Assistance Programs

Eden Information and Referral (Eden I&R) Provides information about rental assistance programs in Alameda County, sets up referrals for rental or security deposit assistance funding, and offers access to the Housing Prevention and Retention Program (HPRP), a federally funded program for housing. Call Eden I&R to see if you are eligible to be referred.
211 or (510) 537-2552

PG&E Assistance

The CARE program (California Alternate Rates for Energy) provides a monthly discount on energy bills for income-qualified households and housing facilities. Qualifications are based on the number of persons living in your home and your total annual household income. To enroll in the CARE program, either visit the website to complete an application or call 1-866-743-2273.

PG&E Energy Savings Program

The PG&E Energy Savings Program provides qualified customers with energy-saving improvements at no charge.

Berkeley Community Emergency Supply Program

The Community Emergency Supply Program provides readiness guidelines and training, and awards a limited number of qualifying neighborhoods or organizations an initial emergency cache of equipment and a container for storage.