People of Color Sustainable Housing Network

POCSHN was founded in February of 2015 as a Meetup Group– hosting events, trainings, and field visits to cohousing, cooperative & farm sites that are led and owned by people of color in the Bay Area.

The People of Color Sustainable Housing Network (POCSHN) is a resource network for people of color building intentional, healthy, collective and affordable housing communities in the Bay Area and beyond.​committed to creating an entire ecosystem of POC-centered co-housing, cooperative housing, and intentional communities that are ecologically, emotionally, spiritually and culturally regenerative spaces. NCLT is the fiscal sponsor of POCSHN and together we are partnering to launch the Community Co-Ownership Initiative

The Community Co-Ownership Initiative is a partnership between NCLT and POCSHN, along with other members of the Bay Area CLT Consortium (BACCLT) to diversify and expand access to shared ownership and resident controlled housing through leadership training, development of new financing tools, and technical support. The partnership leverages the technical expertise and stewardship knowledge of NCLT with the broad reach and engagement of POCSHN’s diverse grassroots membership.