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FOR-SALE – 1314 Haskell, Unit A  Berkeley, CA 94702

This limited appreciation condominium is currently for sale. Please read over the requirements, steps and application carefully to ensure you qualify. Applications were due by June 5 – no longer accepting applicants.

Unit Information and Applicant Requirements

3-4 person households that qualify will be given priority. Other household sizes at or below 80% AMI are welcome to apply (1-person – $73,100; 2-person – $83,500; 5-person – $112,800).

Combined housing costs cannot exceed 33% of a household’s gross annual income. Assuming a maximum sales price of $284,611, 3.5% interest rate, 3% buyer downpayment and the buyer qualifying for NCLT downpayment assistance of $17,000, the minimum income needed to purchase this unit is $68,588. DISCLAIMER: This is only an estimate and each applicant’s circumstances, credit, income and downpayment amount will affect these numbers


Public Listing and Unit Disclosures 




Register for Public Information Sessions

Applicants are required to attend one of these virtual sessions. Register below or call (510) 548-7878, ext 340.

Application and Selection Steps (see application for full details)

  1. Applicants must attend one of three virtual public info sessions: Wed May 27 at 7pm, Thur May 28 at noon and Sat May 30 at 11am. Register below or by calling 510-548-7878, ext 340.
  2. Complete and download the application (click here). To securely submit your application and corresponding documents, upload in the submittal form below. You can also mail your application to NCLT’s office.
  3. June 5 – Applications must be postmarked or submitted in the form below by 11:59pm. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  4. By June 15 – An affordability analysis will be done to determine which the applicants are financially qualified and those that qualify will put into a lottery and randomly ranked. Applicants ranked 1-6 will receive information and next steps. All other applicants will be notified in writing about their status.
  5. Week of June 15 – Applicants ranked 1-6 that are still interested will be scheduled for 30-60 minute appointments to view unit, following mandatory social distancing precautions per Alameda County.
  6. Week of June 22 – Applicants that have met all the prior requirements and that are still interested, will be scheduled for an interview with current HOA members and NCLT staff. This interview will focus on the potential of the household to be a successful CLT homeowner in the context of the community.
  7. Week of June 29 – With the recommendations of the interview committee taken into account, NCLT staff will choose a leading candidate and an alternate for the unit.
  8. Week of June 29 – The leading candidate will be required to take a formal CLT orientation and sign a ‘Letter of Stipulation’ that acknowledges their understanding of the CLT program goals and restrictions and will sign a purchase contract.
  9. July-August – The leading candidate will go through the loan process with a bank that provides loans for CLT homes, goal of closing in August.