Our Consulting/Training Services

NCLT's technical assistance service assists both private and public clients and provides counsel and assistance with hands-on implementation of all phases of property conversion as needed by the client.

Services include guidance with community organizing, changing federal/state/local housing law compliance, financial sustainability models, resident ownership training programs, and more. NCLT also helps potential new housing organizations — including new local land trusts — to incorporate, begin operations or through critical passages in the organization's life.

Specific capabilities include:

Project Management

NCLT has an established team of project managers and consultants to handle the complex tasks required of small community development projects.

NCLT’s Project Managers are experienced in performing the following functions:

  • Identifying properties for acquisition and completing the acquisition process;
  • Performing feasibility studies and associated pro-formas;
  • Selection and oversight of predevelopment contractors;
  • Performing predevelopment work such as assembling funding packages, obtaining construction financing, preparing applications and pro-formas, drafting contracts and loan documents, reviewing closing documents and regulatory agreements, etc.;
  • Obtaining government approvals such as planning, design review and use-permits;
  • Putting together marketing plans, affordability schedules and working out relocation issues;
  • Preparing project schedules and work write-ups. Selection and oversight of contractors; and
  • Project troubleshooting to enable staying on schedule.

Project Funding

The NCLT is very experienced in assembling the complex and multi-layered funding sources necessary to create our projects. We have long-term relationships with local funders, governmental agencies, construction lenders, and end purchaser mortgage lenders. The NCLT also maintains relationships with a pool of community minded private lenders who have helped underwrite certain phases of our more unusual projects.

Homebuyer Education and Resident/Purchaser Training

NCLT designs and implements training programs to meet the needs of specific housing project types. We have, for example, a training program for our limited-equity cooperative owners, limited-appreciation condominium owners and single-family CLT homeowners. We work in partnership with other financial literacy and education programs to help purchasers be ready to buy when a unit is available. The objective of these programs is to give residents the information and skills they need in areas like planning reserve budgets, bookkeeping, home maintenance, earthquake safety, meeting skills and conflict resolution.

Unit Sales and Ongoing Monitoring

Our work as a long-term steward starts at the point that we sell a unit to a new homeowner or resident group. NCLT believes that ongoing monitoring and asset management are important parts of housing programs. We develop asset management and monitoring programs for all of our rental, cooperatives, condominiums, CLT single-family homes, and commercial projects. Ongoing maintenance monitoring is particularly important for homeownership programs that are implemented in order to revitalize neighborhoods. NCLT prepares an asset management book for each of the cooperatives and condominium properties it develops.
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