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Living in a low-rent unit can allow households to save up money towards a down payment to move up the Housing Ladder. Some of these units are in projects transitioning towards full-fledged resident owned housing cooperatives. For these reasons, NCLT offers selected rental units.

Current NCLT rental properties include:

The Blake Street Complex, Berkeley
5 units of CLT rental housing


Casa Buenos Amigos, Berkeley
4 units of CLT rental housing


East-West House, San Francisco
a 13-unit CLT ownership coop


Haste St. House, Berkeley
7 unit dual diagnosis transitional housing
(operated by Options Recovery Services)


Peace Gardens, Oakland
7 units of CLT resident managed housing
(leasehold cooperative)


Unity Gardens, Berkeley
6 units of CLT rental housing





Shared Homes/Cooperatives

Shared homes are a form of cooperative housing (co-ops) where cooperative owners independently occupy a room in a large home and share the living areas, common areas, kitchen and bathrooms. Residents build community through shared meals and household responsibilities. This model can be very effective for singles and/or couples, but is a less desirable option for families.
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Current NCLT coops include:

Addison Court Limited-Equity Housing Cooperative, Berkeley

      a 10-unit CLT ownership cooperative


Fairview House Limited-Equity Housing Cooperative, Berkeley
a 9-unit CLT ownership cooperative




Condominiums, also known as “condos,” are owned by the individual purchaser, just like single family homes. Equity accrues and tax breaks are available. Condo homeowners form a home owners association and share the expenses of managing and maintaining the entire property, making condominiums more affordable than single family homes. Through the home owners association, residents are able to create a strong sense of community for themselves and their families.
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Current NCLT condominiums include:

1314 and 1320 Haskell Street CLT Homes, Berkeley

      8 CLT condominium units, four of which are wheelchair-accessible units


1320 Haskell Street CLT Homes, Berkeley

Linden Street CLT Homes, West Oakland
4 CLT condominium units and a community garden administered by OBUGS
(Oakland Based Urban Gardens) that will also exist in perpetuity


Mariposa Grove CLT Homes, North Oakland
7 CLT condominium units, co-housing community and community space
currently in sales phase)


Single Family Homes

      Single family homes are seen by many as the top rung of the housing ladder, but are often the most difficult for low-income people to reach. Because of the high housing costs in the Bay Area, the impact of subsidies is limited. In addition to subsidizing the purchase price, NCLT offers oversight and technical assistance to low-income homeowners to ensure their success as they undertake the responsibilities of ownership.

A community land trust single-family home is like any other single-family home, with the exception that it has legal mechanisms, including a ground lease with NCLT, in place that secure the home as permanently affordable. Specifically, a subsidy is used to make the home affordable when NCLT acquires the home and the family that buys it from NCLT agrees to pass the subsidy on to the next family that buys the home, thus keeping it forever affordable and saving taxpayer money.
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Additional Properties

      Additional Properties that benefit the local communities include:


Northern California Land Trust Commercial, Berkeley

        7,000 square feet of CLT commercial space, rented to non-profits and community-based small businesses at below-market rents


Northern California Land Trust residential/commercial expansion
13 units ownership housing and additional 3500 square feet commercial space added to existing site (in pre-development)

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