Money Saving Opportunities

Save Money on Your PG&E Bill

The CARE program (California Alternate Rates for Energy) provides a monthly discount on energy bills for income-qualified households and housing facilities. Qualifications are based on the number of persons living in your home and your total annual household income.To enroll in the CARE program, either click the link below to complete an application or call 1-866-743-2273.

PG&E's CARE Program



Receive a FREE Alternative Energy System

We have some wonderful news for any ownership households who are interested in reducing their energy usage and installing an alternative energy system. NCLT's single family homes (condos and houses) are eligible for free or very low cost installations of alternative energy systems through a non-profit organization called GRID Alternatives. The systems are funded through the PUC's alternative energy subsidy program called SASH - (Single Family Solar Homes). We strongly support Grid's efforts in this, and strongly encourage home-owners to look into the systems. The funding is available on first-come first serve basis with approximately 50% of the funds remaining. 

The key requirements are that:

  1. Your household is low-income (at or below 80% of AMI - the same requirement to purchase an NCLT home).
  2. Your home is designated as permanently affordable home-ownership. All of our CLT homes qualify by definition, and, GRID is familiar with the CLT ground lease model.

If your household is below 50% of AMI or on the PGE CARE program you may be eligible for a free system. If you are below 80% of AMI the funding will cover as much as 80% of the system cost (depending on specific income) and GRID can assist in finding funding to covering the remaining amount.

NCLT already has one land trust household participating in the program, and, our partner CLT in Sonoma has had 2 households participate in the program.

Full details on the program are at

You may also contact Francis McIlveen at our office (510) 548 7878 x369 for more information or questions on the land trust / affordable housing eligibility.

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