Nonprofit Solar Alliance

Greening Our Community

The Nonprofit Solar Alliance helps community nonprofits get solar energy. Our goal is to get solar power for at least ten different community organizations and affordable housing projects in 2007. We need your help to make this happen.


Why Go Solar?

Whether talking about rising seas, global warming, price spikes and international turmoil over limited oil supplies, or the rise in air and water pollution, the dangers and risks of continuing to rely on fossil fuels are overwhelming and undeniable. The results of all this will be skyrocketing prices for energy, and everything that depends on it.

Securing energy supplies for low-income people and nonprofits will create economic stability for some of the most vulnerable among us. Secure solar energy can also provide neighborhood resources in the case of emergencies. All of which stabilizes communities.


Create Energy Security For Low-Income People
and For Our Local Non-Profits

The Bay Area has an incredible opportunity to set a leadership example for the rest of the country, and for the world. We can do this by setting out a vision for the type of world we want to live in: A world of energy independence, a world with a vibrant economy, a healthy world to pass on to our children.

It's time to change direction. Together, We Can!


Build Stronger Neighborhoods and Communities

The Northern California Land Trust is dedicated to supporting local community organizations as well as low income community members by working toward a sustainable world.

In 2006 the NCLT formed the Nonprofit Solar Alliance, an alliance of affordable housing developments and community organizations. Through our collective bargaining power as a large nonprofit alliance we can take advantage of federal tax credits for solar power that are normally only available to for-profit corporations. By converting local affordable housing developments and community organizations to solar, we create economic stability for those most vulnerable to energy shortages and price spikes.

To go solar we need to collectively raise $1,500,000 through a mix of tax credits, investments and donations. We're looking for individuals and corporations to partner with us to build a sustainable world. By making an investment in the future of your community you may also be eligible for federal or state tax benefits. Additionally, we are looking for other nonprofits that own their buildings and want to go solar. Please join us.

For more details please call at 510.548.7878 or send us an e-mail

Become a Partner

Formed in 1973 in Berkeley, the Northern California Land Trust (NCLT) provides permanently affordable housing for low-income people by creating rentals, coops and condominium projects. Unlike most affordable housing developers, NCLT retains ownership of the land below the housing and leases it to the homeowner. The land lease ensures that each home is resold at similar, below-market rates to the next homebuyer, guaranteeing low-cost housing in perpetuity.

Now one of the leading Community Land Trust organizations in the Western U.S., NCLT's assets include over 170 housing units and more than 7,000 sq ft of community facilities space, and have a market value of over $23 million.

The Nonprofit Solar Alliance began as NCLT organized solar power for the Oakland Noodle Factory work/live project. We expanded our efforts to convert several other existing projects to solar (three projects are in the pipeline, and have signed contracts). We then realized that by building a large alliance with other small nonprofits, we could all take advantage of federal solar tax credits. So we formed the Nonprofit Solar Alliance.

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