About Us

About Us

Who We Are

The Northern California Land Trust (NCLT) is a community-based not-for-profit committed to making homes and community facilities permanently affordable through the community land trust (CLT) model.

Throughout our history NCLT has been involved in dozens of community development projects, has developed more than 165 units of housing, and has more than 35 new units in process. Our portfolio of properties includes several types of properties within the Housing Ladder, including homeownership and rental units. NCLT has also developed a homeless transitional house, affordable office space for nonprofits and small businesses, community gardens and an organic farm. In addition to in house project development we also maintain an active home sales and education program.

NCLT encourages and assists community residents to organize using the community land trust (CLT) model to guide and preserve CLT assets and to build thriving communities. NCLT activities are conducted through paid part-time staff, an unpaid board of directors, and dedicated volunteers.



What We Do

The NCLT executes our mission by providing housing services, community development, and consulting/training services.

We revitalize or develop properties (on our own or with local builders and funders and then sell the home at below-market cost to residents who have been trained by NCLT for home ownership responsibilities. Unlike most other affordable housing developers, NCLT retains the rights to the land below the house and ensures that the home is resold at similar, below-market rates to the next homebuyer, guaranteeing low-cost housing in perpetuity.



How We Do It

  1. Project Selection

    Properties selected for conversion to NCLT home ownership are based on criteria that reflect concerns about gentrification of neighborhoods, desires for a land trust property in the local community, and financial feasibility, among other issues.


  2. Acquisition

    NCLT acquires properties for conversion into permanently affordable housing in a variety of different ways, including straight purchase, donation, and with outside funding.


  3. Construction

    Development of a site is done through licensed professional builders under contract to NCLT.


  4. Sale

    As a property construction/rehabilitation nears completion, NCLT begins screening prospective residents based on criteria that reflect the type of property under conversion (e.g., a shared property requires more flexibility in interacting with other residents, while a co-op requires specific financial requirements, etc.). Once they are selected, NCLT begins training them for the responsibilities of home ownership, including credit issues, roles/responsibilities regarding repairs, etc. and other specific concerns that reflect the type of property that they will reside in.



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