For Future Homeowners

NCLT’s resident ownership program (ROP) is for low and moderate-income members of the community who are willing to work hard to own their own home. It is designed for people who are willing to work with their neighbors to provide a safe, supportive community for each other, children and elders.

The ROP is not for those who intend to remain renters or who are not ready to take on the responsibility of home ownership.


Selection for Openings

NCLT maintains a list of applicants who are interested in being NCLT homeowners. Applicants must notify NCLT of their interest in a unit and complete all the steps to NCLT homeownership

When making a selection for a particular unit, NCLT considers various issues including:

  • Personal references
  • The ability of the household to maintain that particular property
  • The short and long range goals of the household regarding home ownership
  • The household's potential to be successful at home ownership

Community Land Trust (CLT) home buyers must meet certain criteria to qualify for purchase of the home. NCLT reviews 3 main criteria when considering applications:

  • Income
  • First Time Home Buyer Status and
  • Household Size

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