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Bay Area Community Land Trust

Permanently affordable, resident-owned cooperative housing communities that benefit workers, families, students, senior, disabled, and other low and middle income folks from widely diverse backgrounds.

Oakland Community Land Trust

Combats community deterioration and expands housing and economic development opportunities for low and moderate income residents; Promotes neighborhood stability and community involvement through the provision of permanently affordable homeownership and equity-sharing options; Supports the development of commercial and retail facilities that serve working families.

San Francisco Community Land Trust

Advocates for conversions of rental buildings to limited equity cooperatives rather than condos.

Sacred Community Land Trust

An urban farming Community Land Trust.

National CLT Network

Provides access to training, technical resources, and contacts to help you strengthen and grow your community land trust.

Burlington Associates

The Community Land Trust Resource Center

Bay Area Cooperative Association

A community directory of Bay Area co-op housing information

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is a nonprofit and tax-exempt educational institution founded in 1974 to improve the quality of public debate and decisions in the areas of land policy and land-related taxation. The Institute's goals are to integrate theory and practice to better shape land policy and to provide a nonpartisan forum for discussion of the multidisciplinary forces that influence public policy.

Community Land Trusts (Land Lines Article): A Solution for Permanently Affordable Housing
Author(s): Greenstein, Rosalind and Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz
Publication Date: January 2007

Banking Services

Beneficial State Bank is a community bank in Oakland that is offers basic banking services to low and very low income people.

Homebuyer Education and Assistance Programs

PDF of Homebuyer Education Seminars

Building Education Center

The Building Education Center is a Bay Area resource that offers classes, workshops and books on building an remodelling.

Earthquake Preparedness

The City of Berkeley Fire and Earthquake Emergency Preparedness Information 


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