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Applicants Waiting List

NCLT notifies applicants on the waiting list of units for which they might qualify (based on household size and total gross annual income of all household members combined). However, without correct information, NCLT has no way of notifying applicants of appropriate and available units.

Applicants on NCLT’s waiting MUST keep us informed of changes in income, household size, and address/contact information. NCLT sends out annual update forms to applicants. Applicants MUST complete and return these to remain on the active waiting list. If you would like to update your household information, please email us.



Steps to NCLT Homeownership

Step 1
Check income guidelines. NCLT homeownership programs require that you do not exceed certain income limits as listed on the ‘Community Land Trust Home Ownership Programs’ flier included with your application packet.

Step 2
Applicant completes

and submits the following additional documents

and returns the packet in person or via mail to the NCLT office at:

Housing Application Manager
3120 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705

Step 3
Applicant works with NCLT to address any issues that need credit repair and enrolls in a
homebuyer education seminar. Applicant enrolls and participates seminar and submits the certificate of completion to NCLT. If necessary, Applicant enrolls in credit counseling and submits new credit report to NCLT at completion of credit counseling.

Step 4
Applicant obtains loan pre-approval from lender.

Step 5
Applicant is interviewed by NCLT.

Step 6
Applicant is ranked and selected according to
NCLT ranking criteria.

Step 7
Applicant signs purchase and sales agreement.

Step 8
Applicant completes additional workshops such as a review of the CLT program restrictions and the requirements of the Homeowners’ Association (if applicable) and home maintenance.

Step 9
Applicant opens escrow with a title company.
Applicant submits sales agreement and escrow deposit.

Step 10
Purchase and sale agreement contingencies are removed by completion of required actions.

  • Home inspection contingency are removed by completion of required actions.
  • Appraisal contingency are removed by completion of required actions.
  • Loan contingency are removed by completion of required actions.

Step 11
Applicant’s loan is approved and applicant signs a land lease with NCLT.

Step 12
Close of escrow.

  • NCLT and Applicant sign final documents.
  • Applicant moves in.


When deciding a household's initial eligibility for the Resident Ownership Program, NCLT considers the following issues:

  • Credit history
  • The stability of the household
  • The long term stability of the household's income
  • Issues that might impair the household's ability to function as homeowners
  • Longevity in the community
  • The size of the household with regards to the size of the unit.

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