Our Funders

In addition to critically important private donors, NCLT has worked with a variety of banks, foundations and other financial and community organizations in order to develop permanently affordable housing. Selected grants and key loan programs are listed below to illustrate NCLT’s funding sources.



 Alameda County: Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Amount: $30,000
This funding was received in order to ensure the most appropriate system needed for lead abatement and relocation for Berkeley rental properties.

Alameda County: Waste Management @ StopWaste.Org
Amount: $30,000
The Alameda County continues to demonstrate their support for environmentally friendly project by awarding us with this grant for the NCLT’s Noodle Factory Greenbuilding Program.

Amount: $760,000
This award is to be used solely towards down-payment assistant in order to help our applicants qualify and receive affordable housing.

City of Oakland Grants
Amount: $600,000 plus homebuyer direct assistance
We have already received $200,000 in grants from the city of Oakland and another $400,000 has been committed to NCLT by the city. Our homebuyers also receive direct assistance under the city’s Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) program.

East Bay Community Foundation
Amount: $8,000
This is a matching grant with a 90-day match period for our Noodle Factory Arts Center commissioning program.

Enterprise Foundation: Green Communities Program
Amount: $40,000
This generous contribution was to pay the funds needed for our Noodle Factory’s Greenbuilding Program.

Federal Home Loan Bank
Amount: $25,000
This is a repayable grant that is part of their AHEAD program that is to be pay for the Noodle Factory Performing Arts Center.

Oakland Redevelopment Agency
Amount: $55,000
This combine contribution, which consisted of $45,000 and $10,000 from the Oakland Redevelopment Agency, was given to the NCLT as Tenant Improvement and Façade Improvement Grants for our Noodle Factory Project.

Private Donations
Amount: over $500,000+
Private individuals have made a number of generous gifts to the organization through the donations of equity, debt forgiveness and cash grants to the NCLT’s projects.

State of California Department of
Housing and Community Development (HCD) Grant

Amount: over $450,000
These funds helped NCLT create a cooperative housing project in the Haight Ashbury area.

Community Development Block Grants
Amount: over $335,000 over 10 years
Periodically NCLT receives block grant funds from the city of Berkeley. In the past, we have also received block grants from the city of San Francisco.

City and County of San Francisco Grants
Amount: over $300,000
NCLT also used these funds to create the cooperative housing project in the Haight Ashbury area.

San Francisco Foundation
Amount: $75,000
The San Francisco foundation was instrumental in funding our technical assistance program for emerging land trusts.

Fannie Mae Foundation
Amount: $50,000+
This foundation was instrumental in funding NCLT’s technical assistance program for emerging land trusts. It also provides valuable in-kind services.

Vanguard Foundation
Amount: $40,000
NCLT has received regular grants from this San Francisco-based Foundation.

Washington Mutual Foundation
Amount: $65,000
Washington Mutual has been an important recent supporter of our homebuyer and resident education/sales programs.  They have also been instrumental in providing funding for the NCLT’s general operational support.

Smaller grants
World Savings - $6,000
Union Bank Foundation - $2,000
J.C. Penney - $1,000
BankAmerica Foundation - $2,500




Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 203(K) Loan Program
Amount: over $5 million
Prior to the program’s termination, NCLT used the FHA 203(K) rehabilitation and resale loan program for over 75 single-family homes.

City of Berkeley Housing Trust Fund Loans
Amount: over $2 million
We frequently use the city’s Housing Trust Fund (HTF) lending program.

Northern California Land Trust Community Loan Program
Amount: over $850,000
NCLT runs its own low-interest lending program. Loans are given by individual community members and secured on our properties.

Federal Home Loan Bank
Amount: $151,000
The Affordable Housing Program (AHP) and Workforce Initiative Subsidy for Homeownership (WISH) programs of the Federal Home Loan Bank help defray down payment costs for our buyers.

Low Income Housing Fund (LIHF)
Amount: $80,000
LIHF gives short-term low-interest loans to affordable housing and other projects.

Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF)
Amount: $32,000
NCCLF gives short-term low-interest loans to affordable housing and other projects.



End Mortgage Lenders

Single-family units (to homebuyers):
  • Washington Mutual- $950,000
  • Citibank – $950,000 (estimate)

Cooperative projects:

  • Bay View Federal/Washington Mutual - $450,000
      First mortgages on cooperative housing
  • Community Bank of the Bay – included in total below

Conventional and market-rate lenders rental/other:

  • Community Bank of the Bay – $2.5 million+
      Permanent financing on many of our projects
  • Washington Mutual: $280,000
      Project first mortgage
  • Citibank
      Project first mortgage
  • Mechanics Bank - $600,000
      Construction lender
  • Institute for Community Economics - $120,000
      This institute provides low interest loans to community land trust nonprofits
  • National Co-op Bank Development Corporation - $150,000
      This community lending institution provides loans to cooperative and community-based developments
  • SAMCO - $185,000
      This construction lender provides low-interest loans to nonprofits
  • First Republic Bank - $180,000
      First mortgages on cooperative housing
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